Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A Trip to Cameron Highland

Hi guys

Miss me? Such a long long time and I miss you. I have so much to tell you and I could not force myself to write to tell you how miserable my life was. I have so much stress and I could not handle it. Last two weeks was my down time. I keep myself from talking to people but I could not cry even though I want to. Tell me, why so many people love to talk about you even though you did your part as what they want? No answer to that question, why? because you are still alive and this is the real world, so cruel.

So many things happen to me and I talk to my sister I want to take a break. I told her I want to go to Cameron Highland, and asked her to join along and she actually said yes. It was a week earlier plan and I applied 3 days leave.

We begin our journey from home at 10 a.m. driving MyVi. Since I was the one who asked her, so it is compulsory for me to drive. From home, we went to Sungai Tong because we chose to using shortest highway to go to Cameron Highland. But first, we have to make sure our tank filled with gas since no petrol station for almost 80 km. Not much vehicle using this road and I have to make sure we driving in daylight because the road so creepy for beautiful women like us. The view is great because you can see Lake Kenyir filled with green scenery.

Green view for you to see

So many lorries so make sure you drive carefully

Welcome to Felda Aring
It took us 2 hours and more until we arrived at Gua Musang, Kelantan. We took early lunch because we so hungry since we did not take our breakfast. After lunch, we still have to drive 100km from Gua Musang to Cameron Highland. Another creepy road to go through but nevermind because paradise is waiting for us.

After a long way drive, finally it is the time for us to relax and to feel the cool and windy whether. I made my booking at Rainbow Hotel and we decided to stay in the room before we having our dinner.
Price per night is RM105 include GST 6% and Service Tax 10%.

We have our dinner at Abang Grill and Steamboat. We have to pay RM35 per person with unlimited choices of food from cooked dish to raw dish (to grill). The place is awesome because you can see the concept is where you step into a garden. Here some picture for you to enjoy. Hahaha.

So many choices but I forgot to snap.
Empty stomach make you forget everything once you see food

Picture not to forget

Our stomach filled with so many kind of foods and it is time to rest before tomorrow.

Main intention for me to come here is strawberry. I want to try the sweet one because it mainland, the taste is different (sour). We went to several place but once we stepped in, not much strawberry to pick and we made our research yesterday so we decided to have strawberry at Big Red Strawberry Farm. We can pick our own strawberry. We need to go the the counter and place RM50 as deposit and the gave us basket and scissor for us to pick our own strawberry. The search for strawberry now begin

But first, let us take a selfie

We decided to fill the box for only 1/2 kg so we can get our RM25 back since the price for 1kg is RM50. But this is not the end because we decided to have many desert made from strawberry. Here some picture for you to see.

Picking red strawberry

Finger licking good 

half full basket RM25

After having a big portion of strawberry, now we are heading to The Cameron Valley Tea. The scenery is beautiful and it make you feel calm seeing green colour. I had my time here filled with joy and here some picture for you to see

English style building (on the way to Cameron valley Tea)

A picture to keep 

Green green
it is all about green

So many place to go but we decided to go to Kea Garden as our last stop before we end our journey here. The utterance fee is free and you can snap as many picture as you want
Main entrance


A model pose
(Model-A dream never come true)

The Kea Garden is near to market so we decide to go around market for us to choose what to buy tomorrow. After a tiring day, we decide to go back to hotel for us to take a rest before having dinner.

The next day was our travelling day to go home. The final stop was market to buy some souvenir for our office-mate and for our parent as well.

Goodbye for now
See you again Rainbow Hotel

Total Cost

Gas RM70++ return
Hotel RM210 for 2 nights