Friday, September 3, 2021


                                                           Assalamualaikum peeps

Apa khabar semuanya? Welcome September. Another month to go through. Pejam celik pejam celik tinggal 4 bulan lagi sebelum 2022. My life is still the same, not much progress, how about you? We facing this pandemic since 2020 and it seems there is no end. But I read somewhere end of October we will moving to endemic. What is endemic? "Endemic is the occurrence of a constant presence of a disease or infectious agent in a particular area or districts at a low and stable rate"Meaning the case will still there and we will live in new norms wehre we still need to wear mask and follow the SOPs. Just like dengue, influenza and many more.

Melaka akan bertukar fasa 1 kepada fasa 2 bermula esok. Lebih banyak kedai akan dibuka namun pergerakan antara negeri atau daerah tetap ditegah atau tidak dibenarkan. Fasa 2 memberi ruang kepada ekonomi untuk berjalan tetapi effects is still there. People have less consumption power because most people lost their jobs. Many company stop the production, hotels stop receiving guest because people cannot move around. Yes, we are vaccinated but still it not a protection that you wont get the virus, it just that it helps your body to fight with the virus so that it wont worsen the impact compare the one who have no vaccine.  Okay, enough with Covid-19, I am here to talk about HADA LABO 5in1 UV Protection + Hydration

HADA LABO 5in1 UV Protection + Hydration act as
1. Essense
2. Moisturiser
3. Mask
4. Makeup base
5. Face premier

HADA LABO 5in1 UV Protection + Hydration
1. SPF 50 + PA+++ -  this is important because it give me protection against the sun UV (nowadays we need to wear sunscreen)
2. Vit C Derivates - give a radiant glow and brightening skin (antioxidant and help to brightening the dark spots)
3. Nano Hyaluronic Acid - for hydration so my face looks moist and plump (nano-deeply go into our skin)
4. Hyaluronic Acid - for hydration so my face looks moist and plump 
5. Free form fragrant, mineral oils and colorant

The main ingredients is water so this water based product so it is good for any types of skin. Make sure the first ingredient is water if buy any skincare. 

How the bottle look like

How the texture look like

Weight - 90gm (last long - I still have it more than half of the weight)

How to use 
  • cleanse your face with cleanser
  • tab dry your skin
  • apply any toner
  • apply any serum
  • followed by this HADA LABO 5in1 UV Protection + Hydration

My Verdicts

  • no breakout
  • easy apply to face
  • no white cast (mostly from sunscreen)
  • give extra plump and hydrate my skin
  • does give me slight brightening effect
  • reasonable price
  • last long
Repurchase? YES 

Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐☆ 

Bai~~ Bai~~ for now

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2 komen:

  1. Tak pernah try product nie.
    SPF 50 tu memang sesuai dengan keadaan cuaca di Malaysia nie.
    Tapi bagus kan sebab 5 in 1.

    1. kite beli pon sebab senang 5in1..moisturiser and sunscreen terus sekali jalan