Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Simply Siti Clear Solution Review


Hari ini saya nak review Simply Siti Clear Solution. Disebabkan stress maka muka saya pun didekati oleh sahabat baik perempuan iaitu jerawat. Alahai kenapalah kamu ni asyik singgah dimuka saya? Tak ada tempat lain ke nak pergi?

Oleh yang demikian, I started to search about Simply Siti product from other user and some say good some said the other way round. So I ended up brought it from Watson since they sell it cheaper than the original price (sale). I really really really hope this product would work well on my face so I can stop to search other product (wasting of money, you know)

Facial Cleanser

Clear Solution from Simply Siti
Charcoal Cleanser for oil and acne control
Cleanse, remove excess oil and purify
(too bright so you cannot see the brand, it is Simply Siti)

You may read the ingredients but I am sure you don't know the ingredients
Made in Korea. This is what I love about Simply Siti. People nowadays are crazy about Korean product (so do I) since we saw them in Korean Drama look so bright, so flawless without a single pimple. So envy. You can see 12M at the back that indicates useful time after you open the package for the first time so for this product you can use it up to 12 months.

 Charcoal cleanser
You can see from the cleanser itself, it is stale grey

Direction  Lather facial foam on you palm and spread over to your face with circular upward movement. Rinse with water and dab dry with your face towel not your towel. Done.

Ice Toner

Clear Solution Ice Toner
For oil and acne control
Replenish moisture, reduce oil and refresh

You can read the ingredients at the back
Unlike the facial cleanser, Ice Toner was made in Malaysia
12 months of lifetime once you open the package 

Direction  Shake before use. Pour a small amount of toner into face cotton or your hand (make sure your hand is clean ye) and wipe all to your face. 

Charcoal Cleanser
-Remove excess oil
Ice Toner
-Replenish moisture
-Reduce oil

-Control sebum
-Cleanse face
-Leaves skin smooth to touch

-Break out

Repurchase  No

I have used it and I have stop from using it. Already gave it to my mom because she hates me when I brought something without finishing it all. Thanks mom.

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