Monday, September 7, 2015

Kapas Island where the nature lover meets the nature


This time I want to share my experience in Kapas Island. This is not the first time I have been here but this is my third times. Actually I do not want to go to Kapas Island but my friends keep asking me to join them and why not? Before that let me give you a brief introduction about Kapas Island. Kapas Island is an island located 6km east of Marang and the jetty is 18km away from Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu. Why it being called Kapas Island? According to history, its name refers to island's white beaches. 

You need to take ferry  to go to Kapas Island and it will cost you RM40 return. How long it will take you? Not that long, only 20 minutes. Do not worry because the waves are not that strong so you may not experience seasick (hopefully).

Marang jetty

You may choose any resort you want to overnight but we have decided to overnight at Kapas Coral Resort. We have to pay RM 150 per room for triple sharing and it quite reasonable when you share with 3 person but for me it is 'oklah'.

What would you do when you were in Kapas Island? Of course swimming snorkeling, scuba diving and beach activities (sun bathing, build sand castle, play beach volleyball and enjoy sunset scenery). The rent for goggles is RM5 and RM10 for life jacket.
Sun bathing will fully cover is wefie time

Blue sea 

An island where you can go by walking in the evening

Snorkeling time!!! But we were upset because the sea is low tide in the evening. Then we decided to have a snorkeling time at tomorrow morning. So for those who want to come to Kapas Island make sure you have your snorkeling time in the morning or afternoon

We would not wasting our time in hoping the sea level to rise so we ended up to have other beach activities.

Putera Duyung (Mermaid Man)

Loving Couple under sunset scenery

Beach Volleyball

Except of these activities, you can go and take a walk in Kapas Island because the island is not that big. You can across to other place through the bridge provided by Terengganu government. You can choose to snorkeling at other area than in front of your resort by walking. Other than that, you also can choose to snorkeling far from you resort by boat and its cost you RM 20 return.

A bridge not taken

Night activity is BBQ. We have prepared sausage, BBQ chicken and sandwiches from home. We all have gathered at 8.30 p.m so we can cook early and have a heart-to-heart session later. Do not worry about the lights because the will switch on the lights until 12 a.m. You can lying on sand by facing the night sky with an infinity of stars. When comes to nature, you will not regret spending times and money on it.

 If there is a start and there will be an end. We are all happy ever since we were here and it is time to go home. Sunburn? It is okay. Why? Normal-lah wei when we go to island.

It is time to say goodbye..see you soon

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  1. great view! :D
    Really need to visit there

  2. Hi,,, can i get boatman no?😁😁😁
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    1. Hi
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  3. ASSLM, SORI FOR LATE COMMNT HERE. nice review.Its the restaurnt are just near with KCBR?

  4. can go to ombak cafe the one next to KCBR..adfordable price and nice interior..if you looking for cheap one for lunch you can go to restaurant near to Kapas Island Resort and it is near to surat and jetty