Thursday, May 5, 2016

Tasik Kenyir, A New Discovery



Rise and Shine

I just came back from Kelah Sanctuary in Tasik Kenyir and went back there for second time yesterday. The place is awesome. You can touch the fish but beware of your nails because you may hurt them.

Do you know Tasik Kenyir is?
Tasik Kenyir or Lake Kenyir is located in Hulu Terengganu and it will take you 45 minutes driving from Kuala Terengganu. It was created in 1985 and it provides water to the Sultan Mahmud Power Station. It is the largest man-made lake in South East Asia with more than 200 islands. It may take you 3 days to go around Lake Kenyir.

Ok, now back to the story.

Kelah Sanctuary

To go to Kelah Sanctuary, first you need to take boat from Pangkalan Gawi and it will take you roughly 45 minutes to reached there. But this not the end of your adventure because you need to walk around 45 minutes before you can actually play with Kelah.

Welcome to Kelah Sanctuary

Although it is time consuming, but it is worth it. Once you reach there, all your tiredness will be gone once you can see them swimming to you so they can touch you and so you can feed them.

Happy time
Even though you just touch the water, they swim towards you very energetically
What a happy moment in my life

Of course you need to buy the pellets to give it to the fish and someone in-charge will teach you how to hold the fish without hurting them. Bear in mind that you have to keep your nails short.

I finally made it
I finnaly can hold the fish

We are from Tourism Malaysia
Just there of us

Have a bit of pellets
Please Queue Up

Feel free your self to be wet
Can you see the fish?
They were around me
Sorry because I have no pellets left

Playing with Kelah session now end. You may choose to change your clothes or you just can be like me, wear it until it dry...hahaha.. Not to worry because the sun so bright so it will keep u warm or hot. Owh not to forget, the admission fee is RM10 for adults and RM5 for children (*subject to change)

Ok now move on to another chapter

Gua Bewah

In tasik Kenyir there are two caves (gua); Gua Bewah and Gua Taat and our next stop is Gua Bewah. From Kelah Sactuary to Gua Bewah, it will take you another 45 minutes with speed boat. Gua Bewah also known as Gua Tahi Kelawar and I do admit that the smell of tahi kelawar so strong so I need to cover my nose. Bear in mind, do not thoch anything in the cave or else you ended up with touching tahi kelawar...hahahah..

Nothing much I can show you since the solar supply in the cave was not functioning so here some pictures I have took it yesterday.

The stairs not taken
Please watch out your steps

Welcome to Gua Bewah
Happy discover
P/s: make sure you bring your own lamp or else you see only darkness inside the cave(in case of solar supply is not functioning)

Bye-bye for now
Till we meet again

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