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Place to visit in Terengganu-TTI


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Here is another post from me and this time I would like to tell you my experience when I was at TTI. What is TTI? TTI is stand for Taman Tamadun Islam where it promote Islamic Heritage and Islamic architecture from all over the world in one place . It is located in Pulau Wan Man, Kuala Terengganu and it is one of the project in East Coast Economy Region.  Before this I have wrote a post about Night View from Pulau Duyong where I have showed Crystal Mosque and or your information TTI is just nearby to Crystal Mosque. TTI Monument Park provides its visitor with a unique experience where it featuring  23 great Islamic Monuments that reminisce the rise of Islam into a sophisticated global region. It was built in March 2005 and open for visitor in March 2008. Here are some pictures that I have snapped

TTI Waterwheel
To supply water from Terengganu River to TTI pond

Taj Mahal Monument

A symbol of love from a husband, Shah Jahan to his wife, Mumtaz Mahal

Kubbah  As-Sakhrah Monument

 Dome of Rock
The place where Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) has stood in Israj Mikraj

Al-Haram Mosque Monument
The holiest place in the world for all muslims
A place where Muslim all over the world gather during Hajj and Umrah

These a few picture that I can tell you. For more details you always welcome here and fell it for yourself. You can choose to walk or to ride a buggy with a educational tour guider or you can choose to ride a bicycle. They also play educational videos at 5 interactive monuments and you can partake in their touch screen puzzle, costume and exhibition. You can also drop by in their gift store where you can buy it for your loves one or for your memories. 

Price for Buggy ride Rm 35.00++
Price for Train ride Rm 3.00
Price for Bicycle ride Rm 3.00
Price for walking Free

More info website Taman Tamandun Islam
              facebook  Taman Tamadun Islam

You can always contact Tourism Malaysia
Any Enquiry can contact Tourism Malaysia Terengganu

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