Thursday, February 4, 2016

Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control


Alahai rajin pulak hari ini

Hey! Today I am reviewing Laneige BB Cushion (Pore Control). I bought 23 Sand Beige because I thought it is suit for my skin colour. I bought it from Hermo where I bought all my Korean products. You can also refer to my previous review innisfree jeju volcanic pore


Product name
BB Cushion (Pore Control)

RM 145.00 (comes with refill pack)

#23 Sand Beige

Have you seen any brand of foundation from outside of Korea with this type of packaging?
I do not think so
I saw it for my first time in Korean Drama
I wanna buy it
Because I want to look flawless like them

I have been using it almost 3 to 4 months and currently using my refill pack. I thought they do not give the sponge but they did it. No wonder their price is expensive


But it is not that expensive since it comes with refill pack. So it will last for 6-8 months (I guess)

Mirror, Mirror on the packing
Tell me the prettiest girl in the world

Pore Control!!
It is good for people who have large pores just like me
But it does not mean that others cannot buy it
You are welcome to buy it..hahaha

It is high in SPF (but I think most of Korean foundation comes with SPF50)
High in SPF means that it has more protection from UV
UV can harm our skin that can lead to sunburn and aging (OMG)
PA+++ is good to give more protection to our skin from UV
With high in SPF and PA+++ mean it is good for me who live in Malaysia where only have two seasons (rainy and summer)

I definitely will buy it again but next time I would like to try IOPE BB Cushion
What I like most is it does not give me breakout
Maybe it is suit for me

The result is

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