Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Must Visit Place in Terengganu-NACC


I am quite busy these few weeks and next three weeks  so I decide to write a few posts. I was asked to assist a group from KL in Terengganu and we have visited Noor Arfa Craft Complex (NACC). This is not the first time because I have been there quite sometimes. NACC is a must-visit-place in Terengganu. NACC is stand for NOOR ARFA COMPLEX CRAFT and it is located in Chendering 15 km away from Kuala Terengganu. It will only take you roughly 20 minutes to reach there. For those who would like to ride public transport, state government has provided free public transport and it has its route to NACC. For Malaysian, they have posses their own transport and it would not be a problem for them to go there. What would you do when you were there?

1. Watch batik colouring

They will show you how they stamp the batik pattern and they canting according the batik pattern. You also can watch them color the batik and they will use different colour to make it more beautiful. Most of  Malaysian batik displays plants and flowers but we do display butterfly as one of Malaysia pattern. 

2. Watch Songket Weaving

Songket is hand-woven in silk or cotton and intricately patterned with gold or silver threads. The above songket is pattered with gold threads and it cost you RM 3000 above. Do you know Songket is very expensive? It will cost you  per piece? Songket will be wear during wedding and formal event. For men, the will wear it with a pair of BAJU MELAYU while women will wear it as a BAJU KURUNG.

3. Do It Yourself

This is DIY corner where they have prepared the pattern for you to colour it. It is good for your children to develop the colouring skill and they wolud not be bored to wait for you while you shopping. It will cost you RM 12 and it is not that expensive rather than wasting your children time.

4. Attend Workshop

They also provide a Do It Yourself Workshop where they teach you how to draw the pattern, to stamp and to color the batik. It is a very precious moment for those who like art and who like to challenge themselves to try something different. I do not know the cost and for more information you can go to NACC. 

For more information please click Noor Arfa

Thank you for reading. Do visit Terengganu as well as Malaysia.

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